Ruby on Rails

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January 14 th

Academy Start

January 15 th


2-4 months


Employee Recognition Platform

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Rails for beginners

From the very beginning, you will enter a simply structured and guided project path. Within that, you will be enabled to build an advanced app for cultivation of appreciation among  company employees (very much like Moreover, you will implement a small e-commerce system with stock management, e-mail notifications, and a delivery system - all by yourself (while we’ll be having your back).


All of your work will be reviewed by a mentor


  • advanced Ruby on Rails knowledge
  • the most commonly used gems
  • user authentication & authorisation system
  • good programming patterns
  • popular Design patterns
  • background workers


  • coding best practices
  • team work and community experience
  • a presentation-ready project
  • data-driven profile (resume replacement)
  • review of your code by experienced mentors (PAID ACADEMY ONLY)
  • potential hire at (PAID ACADEMY ONLY)
  • talent advocacy and promotion by (PAID ACADEMY ONLY)
  • potential job offer by partner company (for best performing students)

“The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.”

Alexander Graham Bell

What happens next?


Fill in submission form

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You receive access to the project

Start creating

Now it is up to you to start your work and enjoy the ride!

End of registration

January 14th

Academy Start

January 15th


2-4 months


Employee Recognition Platform

Seats remaining

seats available

Frequently asked questions

What differentiates FREE and PAID academies?

- Limited slots available - Application required
- No mentor support or review - Limited to peer review only - No advocacy and promotion by after completion - Potential job offer from partner company

- No application needed - You receive mentor support - Each of your pull requests will be reviewed by a mentor - You will have a private Discord channel - Advocacy and promotion by after completion - Potential job offer by

What does an academy look like?

Participants interact and learn through simulated employment conditions, that is:

  • Learning exactly like the work of a Junior Developer
  • User story and acceptance criteria, i.e. the story context and the scope of tasks assigned to be performed.
  • Each task has learning materials and hints that are supportive to solving the task.
  • Peer Review, i.e. you show your code to fellow group members to help you or provide you their feedback.
  • Code Review, i.e. you submit your code for review by your mentor (each of who are experienced Senior Devs) just like any Junior Dev submits his work for review to a Senior Developer.

Everything during the program is designed to best reflect the experience of working as a Junior Developer and thus professionalize your skills and knowledge.

What language are academies in?

When talking IT the prime communication language within the real world work environment is mostly English, e.g. in day to day tasks of a developer, team meetings, demo presentation. Thus our academies are in English. This means all materials, tasks and hints. Besides that our entire app interface is also in English.

Tasks and story are in text form and the mentor's solutions are videos.

Will I work by myself or in a group?

For developer work and functions perfomed IT relies on both: independent and group work. The entire program of was created with the goal to let participants experience both independent work and benefit from the support of the entire group.

Who is the Academy meant for?

For all people drawn to and familiar with computers, especially:

  • Junior Developers who already work in other technologies.
  • Junior Developers who know RoR and are looking for a job.
  • Students who are serious about their IT career.
  • All others starting their adventure within IT.
What to expect from the academy experience?

The whole experience of is unlike any other, the assignments are somewhat up to you (interactive, conditional design). Throughout any academy, you will build your own fully functional application - by yourself btw. While doing so, each of your decisions on how to implement the current task and each line of code you write has a direct impact on what your next task will be. At the end of each academy there will be participants having the very same applications built but each of their experiences and steps they had to take to get there will be unique. Same replies to their learnings.

How much time should I plan to invest into one academy?

The average duration of an academy is 2-4 months with an estimated daily workload 2 hours. It may slightly differ between some academies and partially depends on your performance as well.

Can I show the App I have built to someone else?

Of course! You will be able to make the application available online immediately after the first sprint. Please note that during an academy we do not learn the front-end, so it is solely up to you how your application will look like.

How does the application process work?

There are several paths you can choose from at to land your IT job successfully. Let's have a closer look on these:

Paid Academies By joining paid academies you enter a determined and guided path of professionalizing your skills and simply level up within a short period of time. The goal is either to bring yourself in the position to land your desired job by having delivered great work within your academy attendance (and thus being approached by the partner company right after academy completion and receive a job offer) or by having gained the needed skills, projects and knowledge to impress other companies. actively promotes and refers you to our partner companies until you land your dream job. We even might send you an offer to join our team.

Free Academies By joining free academies you enter a determined and guided path of professionalizing your skills and simply level up within a short period of time with the goal of bringing yourself in the position to have the required skills and experience to start working as a Junior Developer and thus being able to impress potential employers with your application. does not actively promote or refer you to our partner companies. Having successfully completed one of academies provides you a great benefit compared to any of your competitors during job search.

Job offers By going the quickest way possible you have the possibility to see currently available jobs of our partner companies and apply right away. You benefit from having trust into our partners and only cooperating with companies whose culture we approve of. Though your chances of being the chosen one are significantly lower than by attending an academy to enter the application process.

What does "advocacy and promotion by" mean?

When attending and successfully completing paid academies, you benefit from actively advocating and promoting you as a proven and trusted talent towards our partner companies. That means that we actively approach and inform our partners about your qualifications and refer you as an ideal candidate to fill their open positions. That results in you having a much easier access to great, reliable job offers and employers. From our experience this also results in highly successful longterm employment and career development. Win-win!

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