We are nerds.family - an ambitious startup aiming to change how people enter IT. We believe that entering IT neither has to be stressful nor result in financial debt and most certainly it can be done better. That's why we are here to provide juniors the missing pieces for bringing their skills on a professional level and support them on landing the matching job right after.

Junior Front-end developer

Location: Remote

Salary: 3500 - 4000 PLN

Employment types: Full-time, Part-time

About the role

Remember your beginnings within programming - how was it? Probably bumpy like it is for the most people. We are looking for a new team member who's going nuts about front-end and aligns with the motivation to create a new way of entering IT for junior developers. We've got big plans and a lot to do, bringing only the best results to life and creating profitable value. While enjoying the flexibility of remote work, we wish to fully rely on you - just as you can rely on us keeping our end of the bargain up.

P.S. Are you eager to keep learning? It is crucial to us to implement your growth within the organisation according to the principle: start a career, not a job.

Who are we looking for?

To grow our family, we need a bone-chilling nerd who:

  • is passionate about front-end
  • has a solid TailwindCSS foundation (another CSS framework is also an option)
  • knows React.js well
  • will check the code twice before submitting it for review
  • has an eye for details
  • always keeps the value of own work in mind
  • is a team player able to keep up with deadlines

Does that sound like you? Then you are the perfect candidate!

What we offer?

  • a steep learning curve and skill development: you will work under the supervision of experienced developers
  • work in a small startup where your voice matters
  • valuable impact on how people learn programming: you will join the team developing the application for our students
  • an opportunity to contribute your own experience and ideas
  • peer-like feedback culture
  • become part of the family from early beginnings and grow with us

Application process

If you read everything up until here, chances are high we are a good match. That's the perfect moment to click on the application button and enjoy the ride. But what to expect?

  • after submitting your application you will receive a confirmation mail
  • after receiving your application we will carefully screen it
  • if you've catched our interest you will receive an invitation to complete your test assignment
  • after submitting your test assignment we will review it
  • given we like what we see, we will reach out to you asap to schedule an interview and get to know each other a little better
  • ideally that is the moment when we discuss the details on you joining the family

Please note: in case you should not pass one of our application steps, we will always provide you according feedback to inform you right away and give you a chance to improve within your next steps.

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