Nerd Up

Learn all the necessary skills needed to become a fully valuable 
Junior Developer
TRY IT OUT is not responsible 
if you find out IT is not for you. 
Our Projects
Our main focus right now is Ruby an Ruby on Rails Developer
Next Hub will be focused around JS React 
Employee Recognition Platform
RPG Game
E-commerce system
Available in Q1 2023 academy 
makes you work on:

Developing your own project

This will be the ideal showcase of your skills.

Organising your time

Working at your own pace but remember,
that you should dedicate at least an hour
a day to the project

Experiencing work enviroment

Unique opportunity to check out exactly
how your future job will suit you.

Peer and code reviews

Check-up will be conducted by your fellow
students and mentors upon completion
of the project.

Webinars hackations 
and workshops

Including a focus on Agile
and SCRUM issues.

Test and quizzes

Both will challenge your skills
and improve your knowledge.

What you create:

In this proprieatry program, you will create an application to reward your
employees, following the example of existing and popular solutions, such as
During these few months you will learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails technologies
at an intermediate level, allowing you to work as junior developer.

What you learn:

Best practices
Database operations
Code review
App information
transfer management
Project guidelines
Testing approaches
Our mentors worked for the following companies

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You already know it, but the Hub is super rad.