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Ruby on Rails

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June 1st


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Ruby on Rails


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We are proud to launch our collaboration with the Pareja Family Foundation on one of our academies. The Pareja Family Foundation’s mission is to provide tools and opportunities for women & minorities to enter the tech sector and significantly increase earning potential. Through their Breaking Bias program qualified participants can attend upskilling bootcamps to obtain gainful employment in tech. Now partnering with allows PFF widening the course offerings for those seeking a career as back-end engineer.

To learn more about PFF, please go to:

Please note: the academy can be joined by any interested individual. There are no restrictions on participation; PFF-related participation is not obligatory. #learntogethergrowtogether

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Ruby on Rails


Employee Recognition Platform





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2 - 4 months

Ruby on Rails academy

Whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience in web development, our Ruby on Rails academy is designed to help you develop the critical skills necessary to create a dynamic web application.

With instructional learning materials, a dedicated community forum, and interactive coding challenges, you can gain real-world experience and knowledge to become proficient in Ruby on Rails. You can learn at your own pace and revisit key concepts whenever you need to. Join our community of learners and advance your web development skills with Ruby on Rails!

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