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Whether you only dream about becoming a programmer, or you already started learning
how to be one, Nerds Family will set you up for success and guide you from start to finish.
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Honestly now, is this the way
to help promising talent?

The BIG Problem is that promising talent is left to themselves.
Free courses will not get you hired.
Most of the really expensive ones won’t either.
You are all by yourself. Left alone, constantly searching,
not knowing what for.

You can keep searching alone or…

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Most People Don’t Know

How to Start

Finding your path is harder than ever. The amount of information is
overwhelming. You never know the next steps or when you’re ready.

What this means for you is:
You always feel alone and left out
You are constantly wasting time

What to do

At the beginning, you Google for answers. This is why everybody
learns what’s popular. In IT “popular” is competitive & underpaid.

What this actually means is:
You are making it harder for you
You are doing what’s less profitable


You will experience how to be a Junior Developer.
Teamwork (Your team has tasks to complete)
Code Review (Senior Developer checks your code)
Peer Review (Your teammates help you by checking your code)
Agile & Scrum Methodologies (how to plan your work and create value)
Mentor Support (you can count on us each step of the way)


You will learn if IT is for you based on real life experience not just your preconceptions about IT
If IT is for you -Go For it! We will support you any way we can.
If not, thats ok, better to know now than after a few failed reqruitment approaches.

This is how nerds.
family will help you

We are your future employers business partners. We know exactly what is required
right now. We guide you through your learning process. We support you every
step of the way.
You only need to actually do the work.
(We are working to mitigate this too, but this is HARD 🤣)
I want to do it! Academy Academy was created so that it could be fully completed while
dedicating 30-40 hours monthly.
Below are its main steps.

You learn the exact skills for a job offer.

If you work hard, learn & add value, you eventually
get hired.
What if I don’t get hired?
You are still able to learn the required skill sat a fraction of the cost and we will help you get hired later. We help you Succeed

Your learning looks just like your work will.

At the beginning we set you up with all the tools that programmers use.
Do I need special equipment for that?
No, your current PC or laptop is enough, everything else will be provided.We help you Focus

Your learning looks just like your work will.

After two weeks of free trial you take a Quiz. If you get noticed you finish the course for free..
So I can learn for free and get hired?
Yes! Our current record is being hired after 3 months of learning! Learn, Work Hard & Win

The Wheel of Development
this is exatcly how you learn

What you create:

In this proprieatry program, you will create an application to reward your
employees, following the example of existing and popular solutions, such as
During these few months you will learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails technologies
at an intermediate level, allowing you to work as junior developer.

What you learn:

Best practices
Database operations
Code review
App information
transfer management
Project guidelines
Testing approaches

What our members say about

You do not need to believe a word we say about our product, believe nerds that already tried it

Janusz Kojro

Jakub Krzuś

Mateusz Woźniczka

These programmers already got
hired, when will you?

Change does not happen overnight, but it can happen as soon as possible. The best time to plant a tree
was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.
Your journey is about to begin, so:
Start your journey Now!

Frequently asked questions

Who is the Academy meant for?
For all drawn to and familiar with  computers, especially:

- Junior Developers who already work in other technologies.
- Junior Developers who know RoR and are looking for a job.
- Students who are serious about their careers
- All others starting their adventure with IT
Will I work by myself or in larger groups?
Because developer work and functions perfomed it rely on both independent and group work, the entire program of the Academy was created so that participants could experience both independent work and benefit from the support of the entire group.
What language is going to be used during learning?
As English is used primarily in day to day tasks of every developer, all materials, tasks, hints and the entire app interface is in English. The tasks and story are in text form and the mentor's solutions are videos.
What will I be doing? / What will be my tasks?
The whole experience of the Academy is unlike any other, the assignments are somewhat up to you.

Throughout the course, you will make your own fully functional application.
But each of your decisions about how to implement the current task and each line of code you write has a direct impact on what your next task will be.

There will be people at the end of this program having the same applications but each of thier experience and steps they had to take will be unique.
Can I show the App I have built to someone else?
Of course, you will be able to make the application available online immediately after the first sprint, but during this training program we do not learn the front-end, so it is only up to you how your application will look.
Will I learn front-end and backend?
No, the app only has a basic graphic interface and the focus of this Academy is mainly back-end.
How does the Academy look like?
Participants interact and learn through simulated employment conditions, that is:

- Learning exactly like the work of a Junior Developer
- User story and acceptance criteria, i.e. the story context and the scope of tasks assigned to be performed.
- each task has learning materials and hints that are to guide but do not solve the task.
- Peer Review i.e. you show your code to someone in your group to help you either
- Code Review, you give your code for review by your Tutor / Mentor as if you gave it to your Senior Developer.

Everything during the program is designed to best reflect the experience of working as a Junior Developer.