Data-Driven Tech Talent Acquisition.

Low risk. Cost efficient.

Get qualified Junior Developers who know how to deliver work, meet deadlines and work as a team.

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Ensuring your recruitment budget literally works for you, not against you.

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One cannot grow a healthy organization without a stable and fresh junior talent inflow.

Benefits of Juniors

Efficient resource management

  • annual salary only 60.000$ on average
  • extra time for seniors to work on more complex tasks through junior devs working on routine tasks
  • fast learning curve
  • future investment into team and company culture

Close the skill gap & embrace new perspective

  • most up to date knowledge on technology and trends
  • high value of a fresh perspective for innovation and growth
  • eagerness and passion to learn and grow
  • give and take between juniors and previous team members

Future succession preparation

  • seed the next generation - future mids and seniors
  • grow leadership skills of senior devs through training junior developers
  • influence and shape the talent from day one, according to your organisation's best practices

Qualified Junior Devs that adapt and progress , instead of regress.

How we make it possible


Talent Acquisition and Analytics

Missing years of work experience we cannot replace, of course. But through talent analytics on project implementation and academy completion, we do provide the estimation on most promising prospects, insight on logic and work ethics and thus highest probability of successful hire and employment.


Automation and LMS

We check the knowledge of candidates and track their performance, because we want to give everyone a well-fitted experience and meet all needs. Our students enter a structured and guided learning journey, on which the client follows along each step of the way.


Skill building and testing

Customisable, carefully crafted real-world work environment simulation within remote interactive workshops, providing live feedback that helps with showing the right path for our students and ideal skill match for our clients. Build skills, refine character, verify work ethics of entry level candidates in a semi-automated & talent analytics-based recruitment solution.

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Recruit based on facts and data, not on hints.

How the process works

Talent Acquisition

Over 12 years of professional domain insight and networking.


Automated processes for efficient resource usage.

Building & Testing

Thoroughly elaborated, yet customisable ability testing in a real work environment simulation. Covering hard and soft skills.


Only proven candidates pass to manual steps thanks to talent analytics and data.


Successful, sustainable hire after final culture fit check.

What you gain

Job-ready Skill Set

  • Only candidates with proven hard and soft skills.
  • Minimal onboarding time thanks to our real-work environment simulation and experienced mentors.
  • Understanding of business logic and service orientation.

Time- and cost-effective

  • Any necessary eventual manual efforts are directed exclusively to proven candidates.
  • Ensured maximised efficiency and success rate.

Long-term Sustainablity

  • Acquisition of constructive team work, communication, and agile methodologies.
  • Foundation for accurate culture fit estimation and high retention.
  • Higher productivity and team health due to quality of talent.

Your everyday hustle, solved in one place

See what value you will gain through our recruitment approach.

Traditional Recruiting

Single Tool

Qualified Talent Acquisition

Automated Screening

Hard and soft skill building

Customisable skill assessment

Manual work only with qualified candidates

Onboarding 8 weeks max.

Selection rate over 20%

Talent pool

Final outcome

70% Turnover

0% Turnover*

Yes, it really works. See for yourself.


Number of test clients

  • Thanks to, they found their “diamonds” while being thrown stones.

Number of hired juniors

  • Hired as junior developers, some of our talents already grew into mids and seniors by now.


  • None of our talents have left their company or have been let go. Instead they thrive.

Discover how can change the way you recruit tech talent.

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Client Testimonials

The best talent out of over 100 candidates

”I screened more than 100 candidates and the candidate from swept away the competition.”

Chris Witczak

Software Engineering Manager

@ GlobalAppTesting

Exceptional talent

”The academy exceeded our expectations. We rarely see such great talent.”

Mariusz Kozieł

Chief Technology Officer

@ Visuality

More happy clients

Student Testimonials

Outgrew my skills and gained a cool new job

Feeling stuck after completing other courses, I discovered when being on the look-out for improving my skills in Ruby on Rails. It led me to giving a chance to where the story took a turn. I quickly outgrew my own code by working my project and receiving support by the community and mentors. I switched then to a new, really cool job and am now spreading the word among friends.


Ruby on Rails Engineer

@ Visuality

Brought my dream to life

I joined with the ambitious dream to turn my hobby into a paying job. After being overwhelmed by endless tutorials and learning materials, I finally found a structured and clear learning path at which allows to focus on essentials that will benefit the most. Within months I gained the needed skill set and brought my dream to life.


Junior Ruby on Rails Developer

@ Codequest

6 reasons why

Talent Analytics

Detailed insight on any candidate's performance and skill set. Invest your resources in most promising candidates based on a data-driven approach.

All in one place

From sourcing, over screening, skill building and - testing to performance and background insight. You get everything right here.

Process Automation

Customisable skill testing, - building and onboarding with a well crafted ATS and LMS. Save your time and resources for the really important things to your business.

Candidate experience

By gathering constant feedback, we are able to provide the best possible experience from the very beginning, resulting in a higher employer satisfaction and referral rate.

Top talent delivery

Our students acquire a crucial and tested professional skill set, including a foundation of self management within a simulated real-work environment. Pick the best.

Talent pool

Create your own database of qualified potential candidates after every academy. Starting as prospecting juniors now, growing into mid- and senior level professionals.

Stop wasting your resources. Start investing them.

Let's talk about it

What to expect

  • Audit & Academy Set Up

    • First things first: we analyse your personnel and technical skill needs with you

    • We gather your talent requirements

    • Customisation of academy content according to you needs

    • Review and approval of academy set up

    • Academy activation

  • Sourcing & Automated Screening

    • Professional domain insight, network and active community allow us attracting the right talent

    • Only talent that proved dedication and motivation in early stage pass the process

    • user experience based on thorough understanding of both perspectives: employer and applicant

    • choice between fully or semi-automated screening solution based on talent analytics resulting in optimal resource management

  • Skill Building & Testing

    • All in one-Ecosystem: well crafted LMS and ATS based on over 10 years domain specific experience

    • Build skills, refine character, verify work ethics and track the data

    • Setting the base in establishing the right team culture and expectations

    • Talents access the customised academy and start their work on coding challenges and remote tasks

  • Performance & Culture Fit Analysis

    • Talent analytics evaluation

    • Minimal manual work - only best performers access the final recruitment round

    • High company-fit due to customised academy complition

    • Optimised candidate experience for all participants

    • 0% Turn-over

    • Sustainable long-term employment

    • Team and productivity growth


Your first academy can go live in just a few days. What are you waiting for?

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