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7 - 13 weeks

E-commerce Platform

Experience the future of online shopping with our sleek E-commerce platform. Easy browsing, smart search, and seamless checkouts meet powerful admin tools and top-notch security. Designed for convenience and responsiveness, it's your one-stop solution for a vibrant online store. Shop, manage, and enjoy with ease!

Key features
  • Authentication
  • Product Management
  • Search functionality
  • Filtering & sorting
  • Dynamic shopping cart
  • Stripe payments
  • Admin panel
  • Notifications
What you will gain
  • It's not just about coding; you'll sharpen your skills in both giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Dive deep into diverse coding styles by reviewing the work of your peers.
  • Through this project, you'll see firsthand the many ways to approach and solve a problem in coding.
  • You'll build a strong foundation in web development, paving the way for more complex projects in the future.
  • Collaborative learning will be at the heart of your experience, making you not only a better coder but also a team player.





Number of tasks


Complete in

7 - 13 weeks

Pick your framework

Maximized value for your investment: Pay once, and gain the flexibility to tackle the project in various frameworks. Whether you're keen on experimenting with a new framework, venturing into a different programming language, or honing skills for mobile and web apps, the platform adapts to your goals. The choice is all yours.

Language & Framework

Missing a language or framework? Let us know

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston S. Churchill

How the process works?

pick framework

Choose your desired framework

complete onboarding

You receive an email to onboard

face the challenge

Solve each sprint one by one

learn & grow

Submit and receive code peer reviews

embrace your work!

Your portfolio just gained an outstanding "ready-to-sell" product

Our principles

What are the benefits of learning with us?

illustration about practice

Stop theory, start practising.

Get job-ready by following not yet another bootcamp but a guided path to successfully build your own advanced project.

illustration about testing

Learn good coding practices.

Within our projects we teach you the value of good practices on real coding challenges and by providing constructive feedback to any mistake.

illustration about coding

Build your data-driven profile.

All your success and effort will be quantitatively mapped within your profile - ready to professionally expand your CV.

illustration about manage

Learn the way you earn.

Our authentic projects provide you exclusive insight on how the real work environment looks like.

illustration about chat

Give and receive feedback.

Benefit from good practise teachings on how to give and receive feedback through peer reviews.

illustration about help

Help others grow.

Get real life support by asking questions to community and cooperation on pair programming.

illustration about application

Hassle-free application.

Forget writing time-consuming motivation letters and resumes. You apply by successfully completing an academy and showing off your skills.

illustration about success

We care about your success.

We believe in our alumni thus we actively refer them to our partner companies. Our goal is to lift you to your next level.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between projects and academies?

There are several key differences between our academies and single projects that we offer. To name the most relevant, it would be the following: - projects do not include mentor reviews of your code (peer review only) - projects do not offer any team experience (you work your project by yourself) - projects are not tied to any talent referral or job application (but grow your portfolio and skill set) - no free career and learning consultation.

As you might see, projects are simply speaking the ideal choice for you if you are on the look out for e.g. new experiences, skill growth, variety or portfolio extension. While academies are rather job-oriented and focused on professionalizing your skill set, providing you a real life work-environment experience and connecting you with the ideal employer to ease your career start.

Will I work alone or in a group?

For developer work and functions performed, IT relies on both: individual and group work. The entire program of academies was created around the goal of letting our students experience both - independent work and the benefits of supportive teamwork. What you won't find is group assignments though.

Can I show the App I have built to someone else?

Of course! You will be able to make the application available online immediately after the first sprint. Please note that during an academy we do not learn the front-end, so it is solely up to you how your application will look like.